San Francisco – November 26, 2007 – Don’t know what Halo or Super Mario Galaxy are all about? Unsure whether you want your son or daughter to become a “Guitar Hero”? Need help determining which videogame system is ideal for your family? What They Play ( is providing valuable relief to moms and dads everywhere by offering Making Holiday Wishes Come True, the first-ever objective online guide written for parents, rather than gamers, about this season’s most-wished-for videogames and videogame systems. What They Play is a new online destination that presents parents with a vast collection of unbiased information resources and insight to help them better understand the themes, content and player experience of the latest and most popular videogames.

What They Play’s Making Holiday Wishes Come True demystifies the world of videogames at the year’s peak gift-giving time when practical information is most needed. The comprehensive guide is highlighted by accessible write- ups of the most popular videogames and wide-ranging profiles of nearly every videogame platform, including console, hand-held and PC.

The Making Holiday Wishes Come True guide also features a convenient “Buy This Game” link to What They Play’s retail partner,, giving parents direct, one-click access to the online retailer’s vast videogame software and hardware product catalog.

“Kids know exactly what they want when it comes to videogames, and trying to make sense of it all can be incredibly daunting for parents,” says John Davison, president of What They Like, Inc. “The partnership has with enables us to benefit from their insight into what games are the most popular, and which ones are featuring on holiday wish lists. Rather than making recommendations, Making Holiday Wishes Come True provides parents with helpful insight about the games their kids are asking for. Much like our website,, the guide ultimately empowers parents to make easier and more informed decisions.”

“ESRB ratings help parents make informed decisions when buying video and computer games for their children, but the ratings are just one tool among many that parents can and should use,” says ESRB President Patricia Vance. “Especially during the peak holiday gift-buying season, we encourage parents to go beyond checking ESRB ratings information on the front and back of every package sold. By visiting, parents can read write-ups and view other materials to better familiarize themselves with a game’s content to determine if it’s suitable for their children.”, the first online product from What They Like, Inc., does not advocate or provide recommendations about videogame software and hardware, instead it offers useful resources to assist parents in determining what they feel is most appropriate for their children.

About What They Like, Inc.
What They Like, Inc. ( offers comprehensive resources designed to empower parents with information to better understand the various forms of popular entertainment that engage their children. What They Like provides succinct insight and guidance within an unbiased and independent environment, along with features to encourage community participation through information-sharing, opinion and interaction amongst parents.

Founded by entertainment and media industry veterans Ira Becker and John Davison, What They Like’s first product, What They Play (, offers parents a deep, searchable collection of information that objectively describes the themes, content and player experience of the latest and most popular videogames.

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