Concord, NH – November 20, 2007 Bradford Networks, a leading provider of comprehensive network access control (NAC) solutions, announced today that Bryant University has integrated Campus Manager as a critical element of its new campus-wide emergency notification system. With just three mouse clicks, Bryant can now reach every laptop and desktop computer on campus, instantly providing critical public safety information.

The enhanced notification system allows Bryant’s public safety personnel to broadcast to the university’s 4,000 students, faculty, and staff in the event of a fire, chemical spill, gas leak, criminal activity, or cancellation of classes due to severe weather. The online lives of college students make the university network an extremely effective tool for reaching users across a wide range of physical locations. Bryant’s emergency notification system also includes voiceMail and eMail messages.

Bryant University originally deployed Campus Manager in 2004 to control access to its wired student residence network and expanded to include wireless networks in 2006. This year Bryant leveraged the messaging capability of Bradford’s persistent agent software, which checks the security status of PCs before granting them network access, for emergency message delivery.

Through Campus Manager’s web-based administration console, Bryant’s Safety Office can send a text message to a group of users or all users, who see the message on their computer screen in a special pop-up box. The persistent agent displays the message on top of everything else on the screen on all computers connected to the network when the message is sent, as well as those that connect within a specified time window (i.e. 4 hours).

“Public safety is of paramount concern for the university, and our integrated emergency notification system takes advantage of every available channel of communication,” said Rich Siedzik, Director of Networking, Bryant University, Smithfield, RI. “Our comprehensive approach prepares us to be effective in a wide range of circumstances, from weather closings to more catastrophic circumstances.”

Bryant University will present a case study on Campus Manager and its role in their emergency notification system in a Webcast on Wednesday, November 28 at 1 pm ET. To register, go to

“For Bryant University and other institutions, Campus Manager delivers effective network access control while also providing the broadcast messaging capabilities required by an emergency notification system,” said Mike Gadoury, Bradford Networks founder and CEO. “This is an example of how Bradford’s focus on understanding customer’s pressing problems lets us deliver pragmatic products that solve real-world problems.”

About Bradford Networks
Bradford Networks develops advanced network access control solutions for wireless, wired and VPN networks. Bradford’s out-of-band appliances leverage existing network infrastructure to automatically enforce NAC policy at the network edge making networks more secure and efficient. Privately held, Bradford Networks is located in Concord, NH. For more information, call (603) 228-5300 or visit

About Bryant University
Founded in 1863, Smithfield, R.I.-based Bryant University has a history of excellence and innovation, both academically and technologically. The university prides itself on being wired with “one port per pillow” in each of its dorm rooms, but as the university was growing, its three data centers were not able to handle enterprise information technology (IT) for either communication or computing. More information about Bryant University is available at

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