New York, NY – November 27, 2007 Rave Wireless, Inc. (, the pioneer of mobile phone programs for colleges and universities, has joined the SunGard Higher Education Collaborative, a network of companies dedicated to helping colleges and universities build and manage reliable, integrated solutions that extend and enhance a unified digital campus. Through the Collaborative, Rave Wireless will focus more attention and new opportunities on SunGard Higher Education customers to help them further embrace the mobile phone as a delivery mechanism for critical information and campus services.

Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC), the newest institution within the Georgia state higher education system, has adopted the Rave Campus mobile phone program whereby faculty and students use Sprint mobile devices loaded with Rave applications for a variety of communication, academic, and safety purposes. Through the Rave Wireless relationship with SunGard Higher Education, GGC was able to integrate each student’s personal mobile device with course information from within the SunGard Higher Education Banner administrative system. Now, when students pick up their mobile device, they are immediately associated with their current courses and classmates in those courses. Students can then use their devices to interact with classmates, participate in course polls, facilitate study group interactions, and communicate with faculty, anywhere and anytime.

"Marrying the student information system with the mobile device creates incredibly powerful opportunities," said Lonnie Harvel, CIO of Georgia Gwinnett College. "All of our faculty members have GGC/Rave-enabled phones, and having them integrated into every user’s course and classmate information will jumpstart the learning experience. We expect this to pave the way for new interactions between and among students and faculty that may never have happened without this program."

Institutions without full-blown mobile device programs can also benefit from the relationship between Rave Wireless and SunGard Higher Education. Colleges and universities that use Rave Alert for emergency broadcast alerting can simply upload student cell phone numbers from the Banner administrative system directly into the Rave Alert system, eliminating the need for thousands of students to go through a separate registration process to receive emergency alerts.

Combining the enterprise systems of SunGard Higher Education with the mobile alerting and collaboration capabilities of Rave Wireless enables other applications as well:

Notifying students by text message when financial payments are due

Enabling course registration and add/drop alerts through the mobile phone

Allowing students to view grade information on their mobile phones

Providing students with access to Bursar information (e.g., outstanding balance) through their mobile phone

Interacting with admissions prospects via their mobile phone

"As a company committed to serving the mobile needs of colleges and universities, we are excited to work with SunGard Higher Education customers to help them further realize their vision of the unified digital campus," said Raju Rishi, chief strategy officer of Rave Wireless. "Nearly every college student today carries a mobile phone at all times. Rave Wireless allows colleges and universities to embrace the mobile phone as a teaching and learning tool and extension of the higher education experience."

About Rave Wireless

Rave Wireless ( is the pioneer of mobile phone programs for colleges and universities. Rave solutions range from Rave Alert for simple and reliable broadcast text alerting, to Rave Campus for a complete mobile phone program. Delivering critical campus alerts, and providing access to innovative academic tools and time-sensitive community information, Rave allows college administrators to provide a personalized, real-time university experience on students’ mobile devices. A trusted partner of top mobile carriers and leading enterprise software companies, Rave Wireless is headquartered in New York, NY. Investors include Bain Capital Ventures, Sigma Partners, and RRE Ventures.

About Georgia Gwinnett College

Georgia Gwinnett College ( is the nation’s first public four-year college to be founded in the United States in the 21st century and the first four-year college to be founded in Georgia in more than 100 years. GGC is a premier 21st century liberal arts college where learning takes place continuously and beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. The college is built on the cornerstones of the innovative use of educational technology and the commitment to an integrated experience that develops the whole person.

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