Los Angeles, CA – November 27, 2007 Asolva Inc., a leading provider of customized software solutions, announced its entrance into the healthcare and education industries with the development of easy-to-use, fully integrated software systems designed to help companies collect, present and analyze business-critical data.

Leveraging Asolva’s innovative, highly specialized software systems, companies can translate broad, unstructured data into clear-cut, comprehensive reports that enable administrators to improve productivity, streamline workflow and reduce costs.

“Our market research has shown that even organizations proficient in accumulating data often struggle to translate large quantities of data into useful information,” said Chun Wong, founder and CEO of Asolva, Inc. “We designed our software systems to meet these challenges of improving performance and critical decision making. Our products excel at ‘making sense’ of the data and aligning it with our client’s business goals. This enables our clients to devote more of their time to their core competencies instead of data crunching.”

All companies must rely on operational data for strategic decision making. However, many companies, particularly large ones, often lack the time and the resources to properly evaluate and understand this information.

Asolva has developed a series of software solutions that helps organize and translate lengthy, cumbersome information into comprehensible, customized reports based on specific industry needs. From start to finish, Asolva not only provides the software systems but also manages the technology infrastructure for all its products.

Tailored Solutions

Additionally, Asolva has developed specific software products for the healthcare industry to address the quality of care and regulatory compliance. These products include:

  • Medici: Medici is the solution for monitoring, documenting and reporting clinical pharmacist activities. Using web, notebook or tablet PCs, Medici links with the electronic medical records system to assist clinical pharmacists in compiling a patient’s complete clinical profile, all at the point of care. Pharmacist activities and patient data are linked to produce insightful management reports that monitor intervention results and pharmacist productivity.
  • Q-Form: Q-Form is an enterprise data collection system. Use Q-Forms to collect data points online or in the field to measure operational quality across many organizational sites.
  • daVinci: Asolva’s daVinci software improves the process of analyzing hospital regulatory compliance in the field by enabling teams to collect, consolidate and report data using structured response forms. DaVinci improves the audit process by establishing consistency among multiple teams and across multiple audits.

Wong said the company is developing similar products for the K-12 education market, where education administrators are charged with evaluating the correlation between student achievement and teacher absences in order to maximize teacher involvement, reduce costs and increase student’s learning experience.

About Asolva

Asolva, Inc. is the premier provider of customized software solutions that bridge the gap between operational systems and management decisions. Premium services include business process management solutions that capture and enforce best practices, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce error. Leveraging their solutions with cutting-edge technologies and proven processes, Asolva has created customized data management solutions for leading brands, such as Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Unified School District, Catholic Healthcare West, and the University of California. For information, visit www.asolva.com

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