Washington, DCNovember 29, 2007 As the national teacher shortage approaches crisis proportions, an online tutoring company is helping schools fill the gap – at no charge. ThinkingStorm, a prominent e-tutoring service, is now offering free and discounted trials to schools across the country.

Today, the average student-teacher ratio in public schools is 16-1. In some areas, it’s far higher. And as more and more teachers retire, the problem is only getting worse.

“With ThinkingStorm, schools can make that ratio 1-1,” says Annie Burnquist, founder of ThinkingStorm. “Through our online interface, students work directly with top-notch teachers, so they get the personal attention they need to excel in their classes.”

ThinkingStorm uses an interactive, web-based “virtual chalkboard” to create a real classroom environment. Students talk with teachers directly via text and voice chat. All tutors have a teaching background and many have a masters or PhD.

Specifically, ThinkingStorm is offering up to 5 hours of free tutoring for students whose schools sign up for the program. Students of subscribing schools also receive a 75% discount on their first month of using another ThinkingStorm service called AnytimeAnswers, a resource for students who need help with a specific question.

“We originally tested this free program with just three schools. It was so successful that we’ve now decided to expand it throughout the rest of the country,” says Burnquist.

Parents and teachers who want to learn more about ThinkingStorm’s free and discounted tutoring should visit www.ThinkingStorm.com

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