Herndon, VA – November 28, 2007 Tutorserv, Inc. has announced its new educational initiative, “Give the Gift of Tutoring – The Gift That Will Last a Lifetime”.

TutorServ’s corporate philosophy is that the best gift a student can receive is the gift of education, and that education should be affordable and easily accessible to all that desire it. In accord with this belief, TutorServ’s “Give the Gift of Tutoring – The Gift That Lasts a Lifetime” program has been launched at Tutorserv.com to allow parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, schools, and philanthropic organizations the ability to purchase TutorServ Pre-Paid cards as a gift to their student of choice, for the remarkably low price of $29.95 per month.

Each pre-paid TutorCard provides its recipient with 30 days of unlimited access to any and all of TutorServ’s virtual classrooms & Netucators in the following academic subjects: Basic Math, Basic Science, English Language Arts, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physical, Advanced Physics, English Literature, and Advanced Writing.

About Tutorserv
TutorServ is a live, interactive online tutoring service, featuring state-of-the art virtual classroom technology. Via the internet, a student can login to any of TutorServ’s virtual classrooms and get real-time academic assistance from a certified teacher, tutor or professor for their desired curricula. The service provides tutoring assistance for students from Kindergarten through college/university levels.

Working from a computer at home, academic computer lab, or one of Tutorserv ‘s Global Netucation Centers (GNCs), a TutorServ Netucator is comparable to a study hall teacher, awaiting students in need of academic assistance.

TutorServ’s virtual classrooms emulate and build on a traditional classroom, featuring electronic whiteboards, on which students and teachers can interactively write or draw their questions, problem steps, and solutions via electronic pens, tablets, and/or mice.

Additionally, the virtual classroom environment provides a set of learning tools, affording stu­dents and teachers the ability to share information from the teacher’s lesson plans, as well as, educational videos and movies; directly pull in pertinent Internet Web pages into the classroom environment; view Microsoft Power Point, Word, and Excel documents.

There is live video of the teacher, so that students can see and hear their Netucator , while receiving assistance in the classroom. An electronic chat area is available for students and teachers to pose and respond to each others’ questions – including a private chat functionality for students that may feel shy about posting their questions in the plain view of other pupils. Out of respect for those students, the private chat questions appear solely to the Netucator .

Students generally access TutorServ’s virtual classrooms due to challenging homework assignments or exam problems. Tutorserv trains its Netucators to assist students in understanding the method necessary to comprehend and solve academic problems. Netucators are not there to simply provide answers or do a student’s homework. The Netucator will teach the student the art of critical thinking as they work through each problem, until the student is capable and confident enough to solve such problems on their own.

Tutorserv does not replace primary education, schools or post-secondary classroom education. Rather, it seeks to enhance the learning experience for stu­dents. TutorServ offers assistance akin to traditional in-home tutoring, but at a fraction of the cost, and at greater conven­ience to the student.

In-home tutoring can range between $35 to $50 USD per hour in major U.S. cities, and requires advance scheduling.

At only $29.95 per month, and accessible from anywhere with Internet access, TutorServ makes supplemental education within reach for students, families, and communities that may otherwise be unable to attain it – including the under-privileged 95% of the world’s 1.1 billion students, which never get the critical supplemental academic help that they so badly need.

For more information about TutorServ, visit www.TutorServ.com . To speak with a spokesperson please send an email to media@tutorserv.com . Or call 646-648-9822.

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