Miami, FL – December 3, 2007 A report, To Read or Not to Read, has been issued by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), stating that American children are in trouble when it comes to reading skills. Not only are American children reading less today, but the research shows that they aren’t able to read very well when they do read. The report states that less than one third of all 13-year-olds read on a daily basis. Additionally, those ages 15 to 24 are only spending about seven minutes of their leisure time per day reading, although they spend nearly two hours per day watching television.

The use of electronics is believed to be a contributing factor to the decline in American reading skills. Everything from computers and video games to television has captured the attention of young ones, essentially turning them off of books. This is especially problematic right now, as many parents are opting to avoid toy purchases due to lead paint scares, opting instead for electronic gadgets.

“The NEA report confirms what we have known for quite some time,” explains Cari Diaz of Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services, a Florida-based education company with over 500 locations across the nation. “Reading is on the decline. But the scariest part of it is the effect that it will have on the country. It may influence what children can achieve, and it can have an impact on their overall education, careers and social skills.”

The NEA reports that a decline in reading skills and abilities will lead to difficulties later in life, especially in civic, social and economic areas. Parents may not realize that if a child struggles with reading, it will impact nearly every other subject they attempt. Reading is the basis for most subjects, and it must be mastered in order for children to reach their full potential.

It is especially important that elementary age children receive the help they need in order to understand and embrace the foundation of reading. That way, they can build on the accomplishment and carry that success over to other subjects, throughout their education. Club Z! has had success in helping children to raise their success rate on subjects across the board by providing reading tutoring to children that have not reached an acceptable reading level for their age.

“Parents are overwhelmingly pleased with the outcome of reading tutoring sessions,” adds Diaz. “When you get to the root of the problem for any subject, which is often difficulties in reading, you can tackle it head on and then build from there.”

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