A study conducted by Nielsen Mobile and BASES reveals that the teenagers and “tweens” (ages 8-12) who were surveyed have very different mobile media usage habits.

The study, “Kids on the Go: Mobile Usage by U.S. Teens and Tweens,” includes “insights from more than 5,500 teens and tweens and dissects how these demographic segments are engaging with mobile and traditional media.”

According to the report, 35% of U.S. tweens own a mobile phone, 20% have used text messaging and 21% have used ring and answer tones. Only 5% of tweens access the Internet over their phones each month.

Overall, tweens spend less time surfing the Internet than their teen counterparts. The tweens surveyed said they spend less than one hour per day online and while they are online, 70% of that time is used for gaming. In comparison, 81% of U.S. teens say they spend one hour or more per day online, with e-mail being the most popular activity for the age group.

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