A popular Internet site that lets young children describe their bodies and discuss “sexual issues” has been slapped with a lawsuit, making Texas the first state in the nation to sue kid-friendly Web sites under a federal online privacy law, Attorney General Greg Abbott announced Wednesday.

The Doll Palace, a Web site where kids can make cartoon dolls and enter online chat rooms, was one of two Internet sites Abbott targeted in an Austin federal court Wednesday morning. The other one, GamesRadar, offers online video games that could expose young kids to violence and nudity, the lawsuit claims.

Abbott said both Web sites are violating the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. First passed by Congress in 1998, it is designed to protect the privacy rights of children younger than 13. The Federal Trade Commission has used the law to crack down on alleged violators. But, until Wednesday, no U.S. state had done so, the Texas attorney general said.

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