For $30, anyone can buy answer keys for tests required to become a computer technician. A retired medical professor in Georgia allegedly sold answers to pharmaceutical license exams for $100. A website in Ohio offers a “VIP Pass” to answers for a business school admissions test for $30.

Pirated answers to hundreds of professional qualifying exams, in fields ranging from school-bus driving to medical technicians, are openly available, sometimes for as little as $4 each, from a thriving network of cheating websites, The Boston Globe has found.

As many industries move to require certification by examination, the trade in crib sheets has emerged as a lucrative and well-organized global black market. One operator in Oregon made $700,000 in about nine months before his arrest; the owner of the Ohio website pocketed more than $300,000. A Pakistani who sells stolen answers for computer technician exams proudly displays photos of a stable of luxury cars on his website.

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