Harris Interactive has completed its first ever 2007 United States / China YouthPulse Comparison and 2007 Shanghai / Hong Kong Comparison YouthPulse studies. The new report highlights key insights into how technology impacts the lives of today’s youth in three geographic locations — Shanghai, Hong Kong and the U.S.

Harris Interactive is the 13th largest and one of the fastest-growing market research firms in the world. The Harris Interactive youth & education research practice conducts research among young people, parents, educators, administrators and policy makers to better understand the lives of children, teens and college students.

“This new report sheds tremendous light onto the habits of today’s youth. Distinct differences were found among youth from one metro city in China to the next. When these data were compared to our U.S. YouthPulse findings, it became increasingly evident that marketing to these groups requires a sophisticated understanding of the disparities among youth, prompting adjustments to campaigns in order to optimize brand acceptance and loyalty among target youth, on a global scale over time,” stated Dana Markow, vice president of research for the youth & education practice at Harris Interactive.

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