Numerous polls suggest that stakeholders increasingly believe U.S. schools should do more to prepare students to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving world by teaching so-called “21st-century skills,” such as globall iteracy, problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity. To help schools implement such 21st-century teaching and learning practices, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills has launched a new online resource called Route 21, a one-stop shop for related tools and information. Route 21 showcases how 21st-century skills can be taught through changes in standards, assessments, professional development, curriculum and instruction, and learning environments. It harnesses Web 2.0 features to allow users to tag, rank, organize, collect, and share Route 21 content based on their personal interests. Users can contribute to the site’s resources by uploading relevante xamples, as well as sharing their reactions and insights on implementing 21st-century skills in their state, district, or school. The site represents the first comprehensive online resource for high-quality content, best practices, relevant reports, articles, and research to help educators implement 21st-century teaching practices and learning outcomes, according to the Partnership.

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