Meet all your educational and business goals.

Our solutions of personal response systems may be used in virtually any setting from a kindergarten in California to a board room in Boston.

Our remotes are Radio Frequency, faster and more reliable than Infrared technology and your students don’t have to point their remotes at some magical spot on a screen.

Choose the iRespond-UltraLite if price is your primary consideration. Designed to meet the budget constraints many of you face, the UltraLite is the most cost-effective product on the market.

Choose the iRespond-Lite when you desire all day use. The Lite has a two-line display. Send scores, averages, messages, and feedback to your students. It features Instructor-Paced mode, Homework Collection and Student-Paced modes.

Choose the iRespond-Touch when you need to go paperless. The Touch is the most robust remote on the market today, featuring a graphics capable touch display. The Touch gives you the ability to send questions to students in random order and to encrypt your questions.

iRespond AnyPlace is the Web-based version of iRespond. It uses the same Teacher’s Dashboard software as our other products but does not require you to use remotes.

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