The University of Kentucky has selected Hobsons Student Retention Solutions to help improve its student retention rates by improving communication between students and the faculty and staff who advise them. EMT Retain, Hobsons’ flagship communication system to reach academically “at risk” students, will allow UK to use technology to boost retention efforts among its more than 27,000 students.

“The Office of the Provost has made it a firm priority to address student success here at UK,” said Philipp Kraemer, associate provost for undergraduate education at UK. “We are optimistic that Hobsons EMT Retain will facilitate implementation of a new retention plan. The solution’s communication piece is vital to the university’s goal to move toward a less segregated, more unified retention philosophy.”

Hobsons EMT Retain will enable UK to reach at-risk students more effectively with cross-media communication methods, improve overall communication from the university to these students, leverage student data to make student communications more efficient, and create a single, integrated hub for all retention efforts for the entire university. Ultimately, these tools will enhance, diversify, and streamline communications and administrative tasks, allowing UK staff more time to interact with at-risk students. By identifying these students early on, EMT Retain will help the university address an important set of challenges and goals.

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