Google Inc. and Weekly Reader have teamed up to offer free tools and materials to help educators teach “digital buddy writing,” in which two or more students work together from different computers to write and revise the same paper at the same time. “Revision writing is a critical piece of the writing process, and more and more, teachers are using the concept of working with a ‘writing buddy’ to help make writing more fun and collaborative, and to teach students the importance of having support throughout the creative process,” explained Cristin Frodella, product manager for Google’s education initiatives, in a recent blog post describing the partnership. The free lesson plan, available on Google for Educators, contains tips and checklists—culled from teachers all over the country—for incorporating digital buddy writing into the classroom, using Google’s free Google Docs online word processor. With this new curriculum, students can work together online to review each others’ work simultaneously and watch as their peers’ comments and edits appear instantly and legibly across multiple computers, Google says—whether they are in the same lab or incompletely different locations anywhere around the world.

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