Debbie Bohanan makes teachers’ lives easier.

Bohanan has spent the past three years working with the Florida Discovery Educator Network, where she shows teachers from across the state how to use technology in their classrooms.

She regularly blogs on the network’s Web site about new technology, and she organizes events for teachers to get ideas of things they can do in their classrooms.

As a member of the network’s leadership council, she has spent countless hours working with the organization, whose parent company runs the Discovery Channel.

“It’s very easy to lose track of time,” said Bohanan, who also works as a technology coach at Reedy Creek Elementary School.

“It’s just a really great source for sharing information and making sure that everybody is up-to-date and knows about the latest and greatest things going on.”

The Discovery Educator Network’s goal is to provide a free forum for educators to collaborate and share resources about how to use digital media.

More than 400,000 teachers receive professional development from the network, and many states have their own network, as Florida does.

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