Big delays for small laptops: OLPC recipients irate

When Seattle, Washington resident David Ruggiero heard about an opportunity to get his hands on the innovative XO laptop made by the One Laptop Per Child charitable organization, he hopped on it. Within two hours after the promotion began on Nov. 12 he snapped one up.

“It was for a good cause and also I really wanted a cool geeky toy for myself,” Ruggiero says. Two and half months after placing his order, Ruggiero still has no XO, and he–and many others who took advantage of OLPC’s Give One, Get One program–are furious about having to deal with a litany of problems associated with the purchase.

The original aim of OLPC was to develop a $100 laptop for children in poor nations to ensure they don’t miss out on the benefits of computing, and to make sure developing countries don’t fall further and further behind modern nations due to their inability to buy computers. This is a conundrum commonly referred to as the digital divide. A similar OLPC campaign for poor U.S. students was announced this month.

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