eSN video contest brings students to Washington

Having the chance to give talented young people a rich learning experience that expands their horizons with technology while deepening their understanding of how America works is a satisfaction perhaps unique to our profession. When that learning experience can advance the cause of education at the same time, the opportunity becomes sweeter still.

You can participate in just such an experience by introducing budding videographers in your schools to the “Empowered Education” awards, a video program of the eSchool News Network, produced with support from the Pearson Foundation.

Here are some of the program’s highlights for the winners:
• a trip to the nation’s capital for a gala awards ceremony,
• recognition and prizes for winning students and their schools,
• an international showcase for students’ work,
• a chance to meet senators, representatives, and other key officials, and
• news releases to the hometown news media.

To qualify, students make a three-to-five minute original video on the theme of “How Technology Helps Me Learn.” Winning entries will be those produced by students in the best journalistic style, illustrating how their schools or colleges are employing technology to advance learning.

The dynamic process begins with this call for America’s best student video productions from the levels of
• the elementary school,
• the middle school/junior high school,
• high school, and
• college and university.

Each nomination must be endorsed by an education sponsor representing the institution the students attend. Permission to travel must be obtained from a parent or guardian for student winners under 18 years of age. A panel of nationally recognized experts will select 12 finalists (three from each education level) and four Top Winners.

The works of these finalists will be posted at eSchool News Online, where they may be viewed by the site’s 300,000 unique monthly visitors, including 188,000 registered members. The finalists and their video productions also will be covered in the print, PDF, and online editions of eSchool News, which is read and visited by well over 600,000 education leaders, with bonus distribution at major ed-tech conferences.

Winners will be notified and honored at a gala awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. The winning students – and, in the case of those under 18, one educator sponsor – will receive an expenses-paid trip to the nation’s capital.

eSchool News will invite relevant government leaders – Senators, U.S. Representatives, and key administration officials – to attend the awards ceremony and meet with the winning students and their educator sponsors. The awards ceremony and related activities will be covered in eSchool News print, PDF, and online editions and will be the subject of news releases to the winners’ local news media.

As part of its role in the program, the Pearson Foundation – through its Digital Arts Alliance, a consortium of public and private organizations committed to supporting 21st century skills – will help the winning students polish their video communications skills. The foundation also will offer summer camps to the winners’ schools, so more students can learn to express themselves in the model established by this eSN program.

The role of video communications has never been more important in education. We invite you to join these remarkable students on what could be the most important journey of their young lives.

For entry forms and more information on how to participate in eSN’s “Empowered Education” program, please visit our web page.


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