U. of Phoenix helps British Columbia retain professionals

In the next ten years, one million new job opportunities will be created in British Columbia. Unfortunately, the province is only going to graduate 700,000 students, leaving a shortfall of 300,000 or close to one third of the future workforce vacant.

Equipping its workforce with the skills for tomorrow’s jobs and leadership roles is critical to B.C.’s economic success. In a world where time is precious, several Universities are entering the online learning sector realizing that flexible options are key to better serve students and retain working professionals. University of Phoenix is leading the way with what it knows is the solution to this growing problem: providing working professionals flexible study options which allow them to maintain their employed status. This means moving away from conventional study and pioneering new standards in online learning.

At its main Canadian campus, located in Burnaby, University of Phoenix is one of the only universities in B.C. to specifically service working adults. By focusing on online learning, University of Phoenix is giving working professionals the opportunity to advance their education without having to give up their full-time paying jobs. This makes higher education a real possibility for many and a huge bonus for B.C.’s expanding job market.

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