NetSupport announced the beta launch of NetSupport Notify, a mass-notification desktop alert system for schools and districts. The new product leverages NetSupport’s desktop management technology to deliver important messages and emergency alerts across a local or wide-area network to all Windows and Macintosh computers instantly. A NetSupport representative called the solution a “21st-century replacement to the traditional PA system.”

Administrators can indicate the severity of a message and can configure messages to appear on the whole computer screen, or just as a beep. The administrator console also tells you how many computers the message was delivered to and how many people acknowledged receipt by clicking on the message to get rid of it.

NetSupport Notify exists as a stand-alone product for now, but the company might bundle the solution with its NetSupport School product in the future. Four different licensing packages are available, starting at $180 for networks with up to 75 computers and ranging up to $3,600 for networks with up to 5,000 machines.

TeleParent discussed its product by the same name: a parental engagement tool designed to eliminate all barriers to effective communication and deliver student information immediately to parents. It automatically communicates messages in 22 languages and uses an online interface through which users can send communications with no telephone, no recording, no translation, and no extra equipment required, the company said.

One of the system’s features is Situational Student Messaging, which allows teachers to send messages tailored to each student’s unique classroom experience in any language, without typing or recording anything. TeleParent also includes a community outreach service, an emergency calling service, and a “smart” attendance calling service.