CrossTec announced the latest update to its CrossTec Secure software, which simplifies desktop security by protecting Windows-based desktops from unwanted or malicious changes. It also prevents users from deleting files and applications, making unauthorized changes to the desktop or operating system, saving or using unauthorized programs, or using USB or CD drives.

With the update, the system will restore back to a previous point in time when requested. CrossTec Secure also fully integrates with CrossTec SchoolVue classroom management software, which helps teachers monitor and manage students’ desktops during a lesson.

GenevaLogic introduced a new version of its Vision classroom-management software. The new version includes a feature called Classroom Installer, which allows teachers to set up and configure all of the computers in their classrooms easily, with no special knowledge or training. This new update also combines the installation for Vision’s plug-ins—Surf-Lock, for managing student web browsing, and App-Control, which allows teachers to keep the whole class learning together by remotely launching and managing applications—in one application with a single installer. This means that, rather than running individual installation programs for Vision and of each of its plug-ins, all three can be installed quickly and easily from one program, GenevaLogic said.

SANAKO announced that MPC/Gateway will offer SANAKO classroom-management software as part of its solutions portfolio for the education market. SANAKO’s Study 500 software includes classroom control features that enable educators to tech more effectively with computers, such as the ability to take command of students’ screens and monitor their work, block access to the internet or other applications, and easily launch and close applications for students.

Sold alongside MPC/Gateway’s range of convertible notebook PCs, this digital classroom solution will enhance educators’ teaching techniques by enabling them to closely monitor students’ studies digitally, SANAKO said.