American InterContinental University Online (AIU Online), the web-based campus of American InterContinental University, has just announced the launch of AIU Mobile — an easy-to-use mobile education delivery channel that truly defines the word “portability.”

AIU Mobile delivers many of the same elements that are found at AIU Online’s highly-successful Virtual Campus — the gateway through which AIU Online students attend classes, interact with faculty, and meet classmates via their computers. AIU Mobile allows students to access online educational programs and support via web-enabled cell phones and other wireless devices.

AIU Mobile brings the classroom directly to mobile phones and other PDAs and personalizes the education experience to an even greater degree. It works with most cell phones, and is at its most exciting when paired with Apple’s stunning iPhone and iPod touch devices. Mobile learning has generated a lot of interest in online education circles for some time but the latest iteration of cell phones and other mobile devices has allowed AIU Online to take its mobile platform to the next level.

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