Chief Architect displayed its 3D Architectural Design and Drafting software, which lets instructors turn teaching concepts into three-dimensional models. More than 50 completed sample plans are included, and more than 300 interactive how-to training videos are built into the software’s help menu. Users can design in two and three dimensions simultaneously, and automatic and manual building tools include dimensions, walls, windows, foundations, framing, stairs, decks, electrical, and more.

Core Learning demonstrated its mathematics, art, and health curriculum products. Core Learning’s math series offers lessons in fractions, decimals, percents, and geometric shapes. corefx, the company’s art software, gives users a set of comprehensive artists’ tools so that students ranging from beginners to advanced users will be able to feed their creative drive.

EdOptions promoted Stars Suite, an online program that makes middle and high school courses, state test preparation, and GED preparation available to students. The program helps students recover credits and helps schools increase graduation rates, EdOptions said. The company is offering online summer school for students in grades 6-12.

FTC Publishing introduced a series of games for interactive whiteboards, including Classroom Feud, which creates a Family Feud-style atmosphere in the classroom. Another game, Wheel of Fame, can be customized with puzzles and is ideal for small groups, the company said. All of the games reportedly take less then 15 minutes to create.

GoKnow! promoted its Mobile Learning Environment, an integrated suite of GoKnow! and third-party applications to help students and teachers cover the full range of K-12 curriculum using handheld technology. With the Mobile Learning Environment, teachers can create and deliver coordinated, curriculum-based learning opportunities for students via Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Nova5000 devices, GoKnow! says.

Microsoft Corp. demonstrated its Microsoft Student with Encarta 2008 software, complete with homework, research, and report writing skills. Students can find current and reliable information using Encarta, and they’ll find help with research and writing reports and papers, giving presentations, and college and career information, Microsoft said. While researching, students are able to find articles, photos, sound clips, and links related to their search term or subject. The package also comes with Microsoft Math, which features a graphing calculator, a variety of ways to enter mathematical expressions and equations, a formulas and equations library, and step-by-step math solutions.

OverDrive showcased the newest version of School Download Library, a download service featuring eBooks for K-12 schools. School Download Library has a core collection of more than 600 recreational and curriculum-based eBook and audio book downloads, the company said, and it offers access to OverDrive’s digital warehouse of more than 100,000 download titles.

ProQuest K-12 introduced new digital teaching and learning solutions. eLibrary Science is a reference and multimedia science resource for high schools. An update to CultureGrams gives students access to information on 202 countries and cultures, including all 192 United Nations-recognized member nations. eLibrary Curriculum Edition gives students access to educational articles, pictures, eBooks, videos, and web sites.

Riverside Scientific offered free evaluation copies of all of its programs on its web site. The company offers software for earth-science teachers and students, including products on seasons, cyclones, the moon, winds, and clouds.

Saxon Math promoted its K-5 mathematics program, which includes resources for teacher and student support, assessment and student management tools, and access to homework and lessons. Instructional presentations and activities help support teaching, and a resource and planning CD helps teachers align their teaching schedule with their own school’s calendar. Illustrated games prompt students to practice skills and concepts, use higher-order thinking skills, and apply problem-solving skills to situations.

textHELP demonstrated Read&Write GOLD, a literacy software solution that reportedly makes learning accessible for all students. The solution supports students with reading and writing difficulties, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and those who speak English as a second language, textHELP says.

Vernier Software & Technology has entered into a partnership with Promethean to make Vernier’s data collection and analysis software work with Promethean’s Activclassroom platform. The convergence of Vernier Logger Pro and Logger Lite software with Promethean Activclassroom technology will change the face of science experiments, the companies predict. For instance, students can use the Promethean Activboard interactive whiteboard to draw a prediction on the Logger Pro or Logger Lite graphs before they collect data, taking advantage of the interactive nature of both tools. Next, they can compare that prediction to the actual data they collect. Additionally, they can use the Activboard to label points of interest on the graph and draw attention to key areas of scientific interest.

Voyager Expanded Learning showcased VmathLive, an online math resource that lets students practice math skills, prepare for high-stakes tests, and play in real-time math competitions. Teachers can track student progress through online reports, and the program provides a built-in error analysis and problem-solving opportunities for students to try again. It also includes animated demonstrations of essential math concepts. VmathLive is accessible at school or at home and thus can extend a student’s school day and opportunities to learn. Voyager also announced that its 2008 World Math Day Competition will be held Wednesday, March 5. To recognize World Math Day, students from around the globe will compete online using VmathLive as they aim to set a world record and answer more than 50 million math questions corrently.