BrainPOP offered a special deal for Texas educators. Texas educators can sign up for a special 30-day free trial and instantly access BrainPOP’s online animated resources for teaching students in grades K-8. Educators who sign up for this special offer will receive a username and password that is good for the duration of the trial offer.

Ken-A-Vision demonstrated its ProfCam DocCamPro AV, a document camera that displays images of documents, video, and objects on a variety of devices. The camera system features a 180-degree tilt camera head with a microphone, and it lets users connect a second video source.

Panasonic demonstrated its Panaboard and Interactive Panaboard. Data written on the interactive board can be uploaded to a PC, then displayed on a large screen with a projector. The PC can be operated right from the board using an electronic pen, and PC software can be controlled from the board as well.

Promethean displayed Activclassroom, a 21st-century teaching solution that integrates formative assessment, resources, and instructional tools. The solution uses the Activboard, the company’s interactive whiteboard, and other components such as Activote, a personal response system; Activslate, a mini-board that operates using the Activpen; Activtablet, a mini-board that plugs into a teacher’s PC; and Activpanel, an LCD mini-board.

Qomo announced its Portable Digital Processing Visual Presenter, a document camera that has a magnification of 16x optical and 8x digital zoom. The document camera has a built-in backlit panel for negative and slide viewing, a USB2.0 port, and is environmentally friendly. The document camera includes the Flow! Live annotation software.

SMART Technologies announced the SMART document camera, which helps teachers display detailed images and video and incorporate this material into digital lessons using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Using the SMART document camera, educators can zoom in or out, write over images, and capture stills directly onto SMART’s Notebook software or any application they are using. The document camera will begin shipping later this spring. The camera features a removable stage, rotating head, SD memory card slot, and integration with SMART’s Notebook software.