Absolute Software displayed its Computrace Lo-Jack for laptops, a stolen-computer-recovery service that tracks, locates, and recovers stolen laptop and desktop computers. Software installed on the machine silently and securely contacts the company’s monitoring center and, if the machine is stolen, will report its location using an internet connection. Recently, the company announced that it had recovered its 5,000th computer.

Astaro Internet Security gave an overview of its computer security system for schools. Astaro Security Gateways help secure eMail traffic with anti-spam and anti-phishing features, filter web access, and help protect networks with features that include remote access and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities.

Centurion Technologies showcased its CompuGuard CornerStone and CompuGuard Control Center software. CompuGuard CornerStone protects computer hard drives by using Instant Restore technology to ensure a higher level of security and stability on multi-user machines. If users manipulate the desktop, install software, change settings, or download potentially harmful files from the internet, a reboot of the computer restores it back to the administrator’s pre-defined, pristine configuration–wiping all session changes free. CompuGuard Control Center is a remote management system that lets administrators create groups of client computers, filter users’ access to applications and the internet according to different specifications, and more.

LenSec promoted its District-Wide Video Surveillance solution, which helps administrators more effectively manage the safety and security of all their schools from any location. This IP-based surveillance solution enables school leaders to monitor camera views from a standard internet browser, and users can develop a customized solution to meet their various surveillance needs. The solution offers a map-based user interface for collaboration with local law-enforcement officials, integration with existing systems and devices, and real-time management with secure web access. It’s also scalable and will expand with an unlimited number of cameras and facilities, LenSec says.

Sergeant Laboratories presented Aristotle Alert, its district-wide emergency alert system, which is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms and provides instant notifications via computer. Users follow a four-step method to send broadcast alerts: They select the group, user, or workstation they want to have receive the alert, choose a specific alert from a pull-down menu, edit the message, and then broadcast it.

SpectorSoft announced the release of an upgrade to its eBlaster software, a remote monitoring solution for parents and schools. eBlaster is designed for monitoring the activities of PCs that frequently leave the school network, such as loaned laptops, one-to-one laptop programs, and employee or staff computers. eBlaster 6.0 adds several new features. Now, users have the ability to change eBlaster options and settings from anywhere they have an internet connection, eliminating the need to return to the PC on which eBlaster is installed. The new upgrade also allows users to track stolen or lost PCs, block web sites and chat or instant-messaging programs, and monitor MySpace activity.

Student Insurance Partners promoted its laptop insurance program for K-12 faculty, staff, and students. The company’s policies cover damage to laptop and desktop computers, software, peripherals, and other items.

Thinkronize announced that 11 million students are now searching safely online with netTrekker d.i., the company’s in-school safe search engine. netTrekker d.i. is now used by more than 600,000 teachers and 20,000 schools throughout the United States, an 84-percent increase in safe searches from 2006 to 2007, the company says. Schools are seeking ways to provide standards-based digital resources in all subject areas to their teachers and students, and in many cases, states and districts are shifting available funding from print to digital media, Thinkronize says–and the netTrekker d.i. search engine can help meet these needs.