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Video Insight Video Insight is a US based developer of District and Campus wide digital video surveillance software. Our systems have been installed on over 2500 campuses. With Video Insight you can view all schools and campuses from a single display via the network using our Network Client or via the internet using a standard web browser. Use maps and floor plans to easily navigate between cameras and servers. We offer both IP video software as well as traditional analog DVRs; or, they can be combined into a hybrid solution. Our IP video software supports over 160 different models of IP cameras from 30 major manufacturers giving you the ultimate in flexibility. Our software supports an unlimited number of servers and cameras. The Video Insight products are built on an open architecture using leading Microsoft .Net and SQL server technologies. These open standards facilitate the integration with other systems such as access control and alarm systems. They are PC based and can take advantage of your existing architecture. Reliability is ensured using our Health Monitor which monitors operational status for all servers and cameras. Lastly our world class US based support is second to none.

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