A French court has ordered a web site that allows pupils to rate their schools to stop naming teachers after the country’s educational establishment denounced it as "public lynching," AFP reports. The web site, www.note2be.com, which launched in January based on similar sites that have existed for years in the United States, Britain, and many other countries around the world, proved wildly popular with students and parents. But teachers, already smarting after a suggestion by President Nicolas Sarkozy that they might face performance reviews to which students could contribute, were incensed. A group of teachers and several teachers’ union asked a Paris court to decide whether the site broke privacy laws by publishing teachers’ names and ratings and whether it breached their right to be judged only by superiors. On March 3, the court ordered the site to stop using teachers’ names both on the general site and in its discussion forums and said it would impose a fine of 1,000 euros per day for each day it failed to implement the judgment…

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