A different kind of student exam: Breathalyzers spreading in popularity

Jim Hennessy, a Darien, Conn., high school junior, does not go to school dances anymore, reports the New York Times. The 16-year-old is boycotting them because to get in, he has to take a test that he thinks is unfair: Before he and classmates are allowed to enter a dance, they are asked to breathe into a device to determine whether they have consumed alcohol. Darien is one of many schools across the state that requires students to submit to a Breathalyzer test to gain entrance. School officials say the test is a fair way to ensure the safety of all students and send a clear message of zero tolerance for underage drinking. But Hennessy and some other students see it as a violation of privacy. "I think they are completely ridiculous and a breach of personal freedom," he said. "What you do off school grounds should be your own business."

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