Arizona bill aims to protect students from identity theft

An Arizona state senator is sponsoring legislation that would allow families to keep their children’s biometric information from schools, reports the Arizona Republic. Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, is sponsoring Senate Bill 1216, which originally called for a ban but now would require schools to obtain parental consent if they wish to collect fingerprints, retinal or iris scans, voice or facial recognition samples, or hand geometry from students.
Johnson said it’s important to safeguard students’ privacy, because biometric information could get into the wrong hands and expose children to identity theft. "You can cancel a credit card, but you can’t cancel a fingerprint," Johnson said. "Fingerprints are forever." The bill received preliminary approval March 27 after senators approved a floor amendment that removed language calling for a ban and substituted the parental-consent requirement. Johnson said she hopes to have the bill amended in the House to restore the original language. Groups representing school administrators, school boards, and school business officials registered their opposition to Johnson’s original bill, while the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona registered its support…

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