UTSA case points to copy-and-paste ease of plagiarism

It seemed like an honorable goal, reports the Houston Chronicle: Draft an honor code for University of Texas at San Antonio students to follow, exhorting them not to cheat or plagiarize. But when students posted a draft of the new honor code onto the internet for feedback, some noticed a problem: Parts of the code appeared to have been lifted word for word from another school’s honor code, without attribution. Even the definition of plagiarism was, well, plagiarized. Akshay Thusu, the student in charge of the honor code effort, said it was an oversight, the result of a draft that was crafted five years ago and passed through different students and faculty advisers before landing in his lap. But cheating experts say such sloppiness is typical of today’s students, who don’t know how to cite sources properly and often regard the internet as a copy-and-paste free for all…

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