Notify your school community on the fly with NetSupport Notify desktop alert mass notification software

The new NetSupport Notify desktop alert mass notification system sends instant alerts across a LAN or WAN. Unlike most LAN-based messaging solutions, NetSupport Notify provides a dedicated notification gateway that allows the message to be delivered across multiple network segments without network modifications or switch configuration. Send notifications to Windows and Mac desktops across your school network quickly and easily.

Simple to use, fast and reliable, NetSupport Notify is the perfect choice for low-cost messaging and alerting across a LAN or WAN. Easy to implement and utilize, alerts carrying varying priorities and audibility can be delivered in seconds across the enterprise.
Key feature highlights in NetSupport Notify are:

— Support for Windows and Mac desktops, including Vista
— Notification gateway for delivery of messages across multiple subnets
— No need for router changes or support for broadcast UDP
— Priorities messages and alerts with clear and concise message types (e.g., message, alert and critical
— Send alerts to one or multiple notification gateways simultaneously
— Supports unlimited number of connected user desktops
— Audit log of message receipt and acknowledgement
— Audible alerts
— Easy to install with MSI installer
— Enterprise installation utilizing supplied deployment utility or Active Directory
— Available in a range of localized languages
— Notification Server redundancy
— Unique Security codes – limiting access to only authorized Agents and Consoles.
— Integrate within existing systems via the supplied browser based notification Console.

For more information and a free trial, visit, email or call 1-888-665-0808.

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