Comcast wants ‘bill of rights’ for file-sharers and ISPs

Comcast Corp., under federal investigation for interfering with the traffic of its internet subscribers, said it wants to develop a "Bill of Rights and Responsibilities" for file sharing, the Associated Press reports. The April 15 announcement expands on Comcast’s new policy toward file-sharing: It said last month that rather than singling out such traffic and blocking some of it, the company will move toward a system that treats all types the same. File sharing is mainly used to swap copyright-protected works such as movies, but it’s also emerging as a useful way to distribute large files legally. One of the companies in this business, Pando Networks Inc., is joining Comcast and supporting the "Bill of Rights." The document would codify "best practices" for internet providers to deal with file-sharing traffic, which can place substantial loads on the networks of cable companies. It also would clarify what controls consumers should have over peer-to-peer file-sharing applications on their computers. Some of these applications are designed to run in the background, giving the user little insight into what they’re doing or how many resources they’re using…

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