Radios on buses foster quiet, but not peace

School buses have become a battleground echoing a fight of nearly two decades ago, when Channel One began showing advertisement-laden news programs in classrooms, reports the New York Times. A growing number of districts have recently added radios featuring popular music along with commercials in hopes of calming children on their daily bus trips, but outrage over the ads has led some places to reject them. BusRadio, the Massachusetts company that since 2006 has wired buses for sound in 175 school districts–including Denver, Dallas, and Palm Beach, Fla.–is barred from New York City because of a 1990 state regulation, prompted largely by the Channel One dispute, that bans advertising on school property. At least two states, Vermont and Massachusetts, are considering similar restrictions on advertising on school grounds (but not on buses), and South Carolina, which does allow advertising on school property, is considering a ban aimed specifically at school buses…

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