Lego’s latest brick trick: a virtual world

Millions of children pick up Lego bricks each year to spend hours creating their own imaginary worlds. Now, the manufacturer of the little plastic playing blocks wants to take them online to "Lego Universe," a virtual world for fans of the ubiquitous toy, Reuters reports. To launch next year as a massively multiplayer online game, or MMOG to those in the gaming community, Lego Universe will let players create online versions of themselves and interact with each other. "We want to make the connection between digital play and physical play," said Mark William Hansen, who is in charge of Lego Universe. "The physical experience is our core, the digital experience will never replace the physical experience, but it’s a nice add-on." Lego Universe will blend real-world style environments with characters and buildings made of digital plastic pieces. It initially will launch as a PC game, available in stores or as a download, and might eventually be available on other gaming platforms…

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