Stacy Snyder was weeks away from getting her teaching degree when she said her career was derailed by an activity common among many young teachers, reports ABC News: posting personal photos on a MySpace page. Snyder, then 27, claims in a federal lawsuit that Millersville University refused to give her a teaching credential after school administrators learned of a photo on her MySpace page labeled "drunken pirate." She said school officials accused her of promoting underage drinking after seeing the photo, which showed Snyder wearing a pirate hat and drinking out of a yellow cup. "I don’t think it’s fair," Snyder’s father said. "She could have been a great teacher." So Snyder sued, claiming that Millersville violated her First Amendment rights. The university says it would have refused to give Snyder a teaching degree even without the web page, alleging unsatisfactory performance and unprofessional behavior. But for a generation that came of age comfortable with the freewheeling, tell-all online culture, Snyder’s case presents a cautionary tale that raises questions about the standards to which teachers–and other young people in positions of responsibility–should be held…

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