Nintendo apologizes for Wii Fit calling little girl ‘fat’

An innocent Nintendo computer game about balance and fitness is probably the last product that would ever come to mind when you think about video game controversy, but Nintendo’s popular Wii Fit (which went on sale in Europe in late April and just launched in the United States on May 19) has prompted some experts to question Nintendo’s methods for measuring body weight and fitness, reports GameDaily. A report in the U.K. paper Daily Mail highlighted an incident in which a 10-year-old girl was told by the Wii Fit software that she’s "fat." The girl was very upset to be told that, and the parents were none too pleased. "She is a perfectly healthy, 4-foot 9-inch tall 10-year-old who swims, dances, and weighs only six stone," said the father. "She is solidly built but not fat. She was devastated to be called fat, and we had to work hard to convince her she isn’t. I know it is just a game, but we already have to worry about young girls starving themselves to look like magazine models and now we have a game that tells them they’re fat. This to me is very worrying."

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