Students help adults in new computer lab

When it comes to computers and technology, there is no denying that children probably have the upper hand on their parents–and teachers and staff at North Carolina’s Candler Elementary School are taking advantage of that, the Asheville Citizen-Times reports. With a $23,300 grant from the Biltmore Lake Charitable Fund, they created the Candler Learning Lab, which they are using to not only teach students, but to teach their parents. The school is offering adult computer literacy classes where the students are becoming the teachers. "I kind of get to be the boss," said Jessica Morrow, a fifth-grader in the school’s technology club. "I kind of like being here, because it gives me the power to teach things to adults." Along with the help of the school’s media coordinator, Connie McElrath, 15 students in the school’s technology club are helping lead the classes…

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