New software tool keeps kids’ vaccinations on schedule

The Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a new software tool to keep better track of children’s vaccinations, MedHeadlines reports. Medical guidelines in the United States call for each child to receive about 27 doses of vaccine before turning two, and booster shots are often recommended until the child turns six. These vaccines protect children against 15 diseases that are preventable with a proper vaccination schedule. For many reasons, however, that vaccination schedule isn’t maintained adequately, and vaccines get missed or delayed. Until now, a very complicated set of calculations needed to be made before administering any missed or late vaccine doses. Many factors, including the child’s age, time since the last vaccine, and which other vaccines, if any, are to be administered at the same time, must all be taken into consideration before continuing the vaccination schedule. After routine data are entered, GIT’s new online tool quickly structures an immunization schedule based on the child’s age, previous vaccination history, and time elapsed since the last vaccine. In the case of missed or late vaccinations, the program can devise the optimum time to resume the vaccination schedule…

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