Apple on June 2 will formally announce details of its 2008 Back-to-School promotion, which will offer a free 8-gigabyte iPod touch to students who purchase a qualifying Mac, AppleInsider reports. People briefed on the promotion confirm that this year’s incentives will be the electronics maker’s most compelling ever, offering a rebate good for a $299 8GB iPod touch, as was first reported by AppleInsider last week. Students reportedly will have the option to apply the $299 credit toward the purchase of a higher-capacity player, such as the $399, 16-gigabyte iPod touch or a $499 32-gigabyte iPod touch. The largest incentive previously offered by Apple came last year in the form of a free $199 4-gigabyte iPod nano. However, the company was motivated this year to boost the value to the equivalent of its cheapest iPod touch as a surefire means to rapidly grow the installed base of its multi-touch platform ahead of this month’s App Store launch…

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