Harvard and Yale are boosting their engineering programs because of increased demand and competition from China, where more engineering degrees are awarded each year than in the United States, Bloomberg reports. Both academic institutions, following the lead of Princeton University and Columbia University, added to the status, staffing, and visibility of the engineering schools in the past year. Yale University, in New Haven, Conn., is enlarging its faculty by 17 percent, to 70 members, during the next five years. Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass., is expanding to 100 professors within a decade, up 43 percent. "These are two institutions that are almost synonymous with education," said Rick Rashid, the senior vice president for research at Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest maker of computer software, in a May 20 telephone interview. "They’re sending a powerful message, and hopefully that’s a message that helps to pique the interest of young people."

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