How to fire an IT person

Information technology (IT) personnel can cause devastating damage to your systems and your morale if you don’t handle a termination right, as the recent case of a private school IT administrator illustrates, InfoWorld reports. Joseph Powell first suspected that there were problems with his IT contractor when the admin refused to cede his administrative rights on an accounting software package. Powell, who was the business administrator for a private school, began noticing more issues. When the school’s board ordered the IT admin to cede control of the software, he began introducing deliberate errors into the school’s database. By the time Powell and the board made the decision to fire the contractor, he was reading everyone’s eMail, so Powell had to leave his office every day and head over to a local library, where he then used a private eMail account to correspond with his bosses. He then hired a new IT team to replace the contractor and had them covertly copy everything on the school’s network. This turned out to be a prudent move: When Powell told the contractor that his employment was up, “he replied that he built the network and would be taking it with him.” And the former admin tried: On his last day of work, he logged in and wiped every document off the network. Had it not been for Powell’s foresight, the school would have lost all its digital assets…

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