A Lehigh County, Pa., lawmaker on June 3 vowed to push legislation that she said would provide greater accountability for the state’s cyber charter schools and save taxpayers millions of dollars, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. Republican Rep. Karen Beyer’s bill would set a lower rate for school districts to reimburse cyber charter schools. The savings for Pittsburgh Public Schools would be $2.3 million a year, she said. An analysis of the legislation by the House Education Committee said it would limit fund balances of charter schools and allow the state Department of Education to issue regulations to ensure that students of cyber charter schools "are receiving appropriate hours of education" and enforce truancy for students. About 64,000 Pennsylvania students attend charter schools, with some 23,000 of those attending cyber charter schools, according to Tim Daniels, executive director of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Charter Schools. Claiming that charter schools are as accountable as traditional public schools, Daniels said, "There is no consensus … among the people who vote to have this passed." He added that Beyer’s bill is "really limiting the choice of Pennsylvania families and students."

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