IBM and Michigan Technological University have announced several initiatives to help students develop the multi-disciplinary skills required in a growing number of jobs and professions around the world, reports. Businesses today are looking to the next generation of IT and business experts for so-called "T-shaped" skills, which encompass both deep business skills, represented by the horizontal line of the "T," and technical understanding, represented by the vertical line. Top prospects will understand the dynamics of the globally integrated enterprise, can work across geographically distributed teams, and have experience using open-source technologies to address real-world business challenges. IBM is teaming with Michigan Tech to develop curricula and sponsor an "on the job" learning program to encourage the development of these sought-after skills. To encourage the use of open-source technologies, IBM has donated WebSphere software with the agreement that any assets created through these programs will be made available to other universities around the world at no charge…

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