Engineers who run data centers are in high demand as the growth in such facilities struggles to keep up with the increasing demands of internet-era computing, the New York Times reports. For years, these employees toiled in relative obscurity in the engine rooms of the digital economy, amid the racks of servers and storage devices that power everything from online videos to corporate eMail systems. Their mission was to keep the computing power plants humming, while scant thought was given to rising costs and energy consumption. Today, however, data center experts are no longer taken for granted. The torrid growth in data centers to keep pace with the demands of internet-era computing, their immense need for electricity, and their inefficient use of that energy pose environmental, energy, and economic challenges, experts say. That means people with the skills to design, build, and run a data center that does not endanger the power grid are suddenly in demand. Their status is growing, as are their salaries–climbing more than 20 percent in the last two years, into six figures for experienced engineers…

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