U.S. education chief Margaret Spellings made a whirlwind tour of San Diego June 17 to discuss how technology in schools can raise student achievement and better prepare students for the real world, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Spellings hosted the last of four roundtable forums, held nationwide over the past 14 months, at wireless giant Qualcomm, where she engaged leaders in education, technology, and investment on topics ranging from computers and cellular phones to electronic textbooks and teacher training. "Before I leave office I think we should stop, look, and listen with regard to where we are in terms of technology in our schools," Spellings said. The goal, she said, is to "set the table for the next administration," by taking an inventory of what works, what is needed, and what can be done to make technology relevant in schools. Members of the roundtable gave suggestions ranging from offering more flexibility in spending government money to drafting federal technology guidelines…

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