A group of local investors on June 17 said they have bought Philadelphia’s wireless internet network, a week after EarthLink Inc. gave up on the system because it failed to make a profit, the Associated Press reports. The investors said they plan to form a for-profit company that will provide businesses both wired and wireless high-speed internet access. They also plan to maintain the citywide wireless network Earthlink built for $17 million and offer wireless service free to consumers. EarthLink has pulled out of several markets, including New Orleans and San Francisco, because it couldn’t make money from Wi-Fi networks it was building. Earthlink’s service didn’t attract enough customers in Philadelphia to be financially viable because of connection problems, poor customer service, and prices that weren’t much cheaper than competitive DSL services. The Philadelphia investors said they are still working out details of their business plan, but in general, they hope to build a new wired network and provide both wired and wireless internet access to businesses and institutions such as hospitals…

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