A prominent Vermont senator wants state government and public schools to move to a four-day work week before the end of 2008, the Times Argus of Barre-Montpelier reports. Sen. Vince Illuzzi, an Essex County Republican, said skyrocketing fuel expenses threaten to deplete state and personal finances this winter. Shifting to a four-day work week, Illuzzi said, will shrink heating expenses for the state and save employees money on commuting costs. "If folks are commuting four days a week instead of five, I think there’s some significant cost savings that can be achieved given the current price of petroleum-based products," Illuzzi said. "We’re not giving them a day off, we’re asking them to do the same amount of work in a four-day period, to enable them to save costs, and to enable the state to save money on heating buildings." Illuzzi floated his plan to Douglas administration officials and union heads in an electronic message June 16. The concept, he admits, presents a number of logistical challenges, none of which he’s yet prepared to answer. But if government officials begin resolving those dilemmas now, he said, the state could be prepared by late summer to move ahead with the changes…

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