Texas’ Hallsville Independent School District has a new classroom, but it won’t be used by students, the Longville News-Journal reports: Instead, the classroom will be a model for teachers and administrators nationwide on how to integrate technology into lessons. The classroom is Apple’s second model classroom in the nation. It is designed from education research by Stanford University, and it encourages student collaboration. The district, which also has been working with Apple on another project, installed the classroom this month. District Technology Director Mike Stanfield said the classroom would illustrate how technology can be woven into subject lessons to improve learning for a multimedia-savvy generation. The classroom has 20 student desks, each with a wireless computer notebook. Workstations for various tasks circle the room. One station is intended for internet research. Another station is designed to aid multimedia production, letting students integrate video and audio into class projects and presentations. "Most schools don’t have these tools," Stanfield said. Tim Brittain, district business manager, said equipping and furnishing the classroom cost about $70,000, which came out of the budgeted technology fund. He said the district received significant discounts from Apple for equipment purchases. Apple spokesman Todd Wilder said working with the school district was a way to introduce new technology to the area, and the company hopes the classroom will be seen by a large number of educators in the region…

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