Money for South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds’ school laptop initiative will be scrutinized more closely from here on out, the Argus Leader reports, with one legislator saying the governor "used the system to shift money" to continue a program that legislators wouldn’t fund. The interim Appropriations Committee voted for a letter of intent, a written message to the state Education Department ordering regular, detailed reports of the laptop program. The first report is to be presented at the committee’s fall meeting. In the spotlight is Classroom Connections, Rounds’ state-local matching program to provide laptop or tablet computers to all high school students. Members of the committee grilled budget and education officials June 23 for an hour over how money for more laptops from a Citibank legal settlement became available after lawmakers were told in January that fund had been emptied. "They used the system to shift money to keep the program going," Republican Sen. Jerry Apa said. "There’s nothing illegal about it, but that’s what they did."

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