A free online computer game from Cable in the Classroom lets students experience the pressure cooker of a presidential campaign, requiring players to manage campaign money, lobby interest groups, and make gut-wrenching decisions when scandal threatens their bid for the White House. First created during the 2004 campaign season, “eLECTIONS” was refined and reintroduced this year. Players can run for president as a Democrat, Republican, or third-party candidate and can choose their platform issues, ranging from taxes to national defense to education. Each player moves through a game board that includes pitfalls such as small-scale family or campaign scandals. As the 2008 presidential race heats up this summer and fall, the site’s creators say eLECTIONS could be a valuable tool to help students understand the events driving the campaign. “eLECTIONS is an excellent resource for teachers and students who are trying to understand the events and decisions that shape voter contests,” said Joanne Wheeler, vice president for education at C-SPAN.


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